New Berlin West Youth Football works closely with the New Berlin West high school program, coaching staff, and booster club to encourage and train the young athlete for success at the next level.

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Covid-19 Player, Coach & Parent Guidelines

To All Parents, Players and Coaches:

In addition to the policies and procedures put forth by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA), the Wisconsin All-American Youth Football League (AAYFL), and the recommendation to follow the CDC’s guidelines for personal hygiene and what to do if you are sick ( ), the following additional protocols shall be employed by everyone involved in the New Berlin West Youth Football Club (NBWYFC) to help mitigate the  risks of spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the 2020 season:

NBWYFC 2020 Plan & Procedures

  • Each TEAM shall have a minimum of two (2) COVID Representative(s) assigned for the entire season. Representatives shall be responsible for adherence to all COVID “Coach” duties outlined in the WIAA policy, plus the following:
    • Take and record temperatures of each participant/volunteer as they arrive to practice and contests. COVID Representatives shall also ensure that all participants/volunteers are symptom-free before they enter the practice/competition/work area via a questionnaire.
    • COVID Representatives shall inquire participants/volunteers relating to showing any of the signs/symptoms listed in published League documentation. Anyone showing signs/symptoms of COVID-19 shall be informed that they must return home immediately and schedule a test with their Health Care Provider. COVID Representatives shall report the questionnaire results to their Club Secretary (Sadie Beauchamp) and AAYFL League Representative, stating that a participant was experiencing signs/symptoms according to the questionnaire. Participants in question are to privately notify their team Head Coach, Team Representative, Team COVID Representative, or the NBWYFC Secretary as to test results (either positive or negative) to begin either return to play procedures or contract tracing measures.
      • If the test is negative, participant(s) shall remain at home until signs/symptoms have subsided.
      • If the test is positive, immediate notification to local health officials is the responsibility of the participant(s) (or parent if a player). Said participant must also communicate with their Organization, who will notify the League (AAYFL) of a positive case. All positive cases will be communicated to the necessary parties from the League level only.

In the event of a positive test for COVID-19, the following actions shall be taken with due speed:

  • The AAYFL will immediately contact the entire League that we have received notice of a positive case from {Organization/Team/Level}. The notifications will first go out to the most recent team that shared the field with the exposed team, as well as the game officials. Once that occurs, the remainder of the League will be notified. The individual(s) who have tested positive will remain confidential as per HIPAA Policies.
  • In order for positive test cases to return to play, the individual(s) must have written and signed approval from their health care provider/local health department.
  • Any individual who has had close contact with the individual who received a positive test shall self-quarantine for 14 days or for the duration of time deemed necessary by local health officials.
  • All practices shall be closed to all parents and onlookers unless they are approved by the AAYFL  and the NBWYFC.
    • The NBWYFC will communicate procedures for parents to drop off and pick up student-athletes without getting out of their vehicles.
    • This includes all non-rostered coaches and volunteers.
  • Use of masks is permitted, provided the following provisions are met:
    • Any rostered member of a team, including essential, non-essential and medical professionals, who wishes to wear a mask may do so. The mask may only be a single-solid color, have the team/city name on or have a team logo. Any logo and/or writing on the mask must be affixed by the manufacturer and shall not have any saying or depiction that is outside of these parameters.
    • If the mask does not comply with this policy, the offender must leave the field (player) and/or playing vicinity (adult) until it is rectified.
  • Players should provide their own water and hand sanitizer. Parents should have player name clearly displayed on all containers (water and sanitizer). Additional sanitizer shall be made available by the NBWYFC for all practices and games.
  • Parents should play an active role and take responsibility for their child’s health, health symptoms, etc. If your child has a temperature above 100.4 degrees, is symptomatic with cough, shortness of breath, chills/fever, headache, and/or sore throat, please DO NOT have them attend practice or games. We are all in this together!!

Social Distancing

  • Game day spectators are encouraged to spread out at least 6 feet apart.
  • If a family chooses to sit immediately adjacent to another family, we recommend the use of a cloth face mask, but it is not required.


  • Players & coaches should sanitize their hands regularly.
  • Every player and coach will be responsible for bringing and utilizing hand sanitizer before any practice or game and reapplying sanitizer when necessary.
  • Players should clearly mark their personal equipment such as water bottles, helmet, gloves, etc. so as not to cross contaminate with other players.
  • All mouthguards must be connected to the player’s helmet with manufacturer’s tether. If tether breaks, the mouthguard must be replaced immediately. Mouthguards will be provided by the NBWYFC.
  • Parents are encouraged to disinfect all personal equipment before/after practice and games.
  • Coaches should disinfect all shared team equipment before/after practice and games.

Additional Procedures

  • No high fives or handshakes at the end of games
  • No sharing of food, gum, candy, etc.
  • No team snacks or drinks shall be provided / shared.
  • Adequate hydration is critically important to players. The NBWYFC may provide game day water in no-contact sports bottles when players are on the field and cannot access their personal water container. If no-contact (but shared) sports bottles are used on game days, only one designated coach or team COVID Rep may distribute water to players. Team sports bottles will be sanitized between use, and at no time make physical contact with another player or coach. Players will never be forced to accept water on the game field, and may exit the field of play to use their own water container (with player substitution as appropriate).
  • No spitting of any kind (including seeds)!

Please note that the WIAA, AAYFL, and NBWYFC guidelines may not fully incorporate your personal or family guidelines.  Parents need to make choices and educate their children on how they would like them to socially participate and stay safe.  Again, parents have shared responsibility here on what you feel is appropriate. 

Stay safe and GO VIKINGS!